One of the things I love most about studying the Bible is finding great application in verses we often overlook. For example, when reading Paul’s introduction in Romans 1:1, it’s easy to skim over and hurry along to the “real” meat. However, when we take time to stop and evaluate his words, we can learn a lot.
Remember, this is coming from Paul. Before he encountered the Lord, Paul was known as Saul, a man who hated and persecuted Christians. However, in a life-changing moment, God turned Saul’s world upside down. After being filled with the Holy Spirit, he was no longer referenced as Saul, only Paul.
His old self, everything he ever knew, identified with, and related to was gone. That is what happens when we allow God to change our lives. The old is gone. We are no longer who we once were. There is a new creation. With that comes a new identity. Check out how Paul described his identity in Romans 1:1. If you were to introduce yourself based on the five descriptions in this verse, what would your identity be?

I love a quiet evening spent with my little one, gazing at the stars. On a clear night, we can look up and see stars so numerous we lose count. In these moments, I’m reminded of God’s promise to Abram in Genesis 15:5. “Then the LORD took Abram outside and said to him, “Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have!”
As Abram gazed at the stars that cloudless night, he must have been filled with awe and wonder. However, my mind takes me to the following evenings in weeks, months and years to come, when perhaps he looked up only to see a cloudy sky with no visibility. What thoughts crossed his mind? Descendants as numerous as the stars…what stars?
Even on the cloudiest of nights, the validity of the promise didn’t change, the visibility did. Even when you can’t see it, God is still at work. He is always faithful, always true. His Word does not return void. What promise are you still believing for? Don’t lose faith. Trust God, even when it’s cloudy. 

“I am forever grateful that in continually changing times, we serve an unchanging God…When everything else is different, this is the same: We can still trust Him.”

This was undoubtedly a very different first day of school. We couldn’t walk our 3rd grader to her classroom. We didn’t meet the teacher in person. We won’t be having lunch with her. There was not a three mile long car line. For the time ever, we had to pick out matching masks for all her outfits. The list goes on and on.
However, I would rather focus on the things that are the same. What was not different about today?
  • God is still in control. He is with her every step of the way. (Is. 41:10) I couldn’t walk those halls and pray, but God will walk those halls with her every day.
  • He still gives his angels charge over her to protect her in all her ways (Ps 91:11).
  • He is the same God this year on this first day of school as He was last year and all the years before that (Heb 13:8).
  • He still cares about every concern that races through my mind, and I will continue to trust Him with every thought (1 Peter 5:7).
I am forever grateful that in continually changing times, we serve an unchanging God. We have a God on our side who knows the unknown, sees the unforeseen, and controls the things beyond our control. When everything else is different, this is the same: We can still trust Him. So, what are you trusting God with today? What is out of your control, that you can leave in His control?