It is easy to look around and find things in this world to fear. Some are valid, others are outrageous. However, the enemy can use these fears to invade our mind and overtake our perspective. It is easy for him to fill our mind with seemingly realistic scenarios that flood our hearts and minds with anxiety. It is not as easy for us to fight these fears. We must be intentional about taking every thought into captivity and choosing to think on things that are right, true, pure and praiseworthy. We must analyze every thought, every concern, every fear and compare them to the truths found in God’s Word. Truth: God is love. Truth: God will never leave us. Truth: God is for us. Truth: God is Jehovah Jireh, our provider. Truth: We can trust God.

Ultimately, we find a repeated truth, in fact, a repeated command in Scripture: do not fear. This phrase is repeated in many instances, to multiple people. Each time, we find the assurance that God and His presence is greater than anything we might fear. In the instance of Isaiah 41:10, God is reminding his people, the Israelites, that He is with them. His presence changes everything. They did not need to fear because He was with them. They did not need to be discouraged because He was the One providing their strength and victory.

This is true for any of us, His children, today. The same God who created the universe, the One who controls all things; He is with you. He is your God. He is your strength. He is your source of help. He is the One who holds you up. It is God who provides and protects. Trust in Him. Will you say, as David did in Psalms 56:3, “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.”?

What is your go-to truth verse whenever you are battling fear?

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