There are several apps available for mapping out To Do lists. However, I personally find the following method to be much simpler and more efficient for me.  

  • Using a OneNote folder or Google Doc, write down everything that needs to be done, and just drop it under the correct date it is going to be accomplished.
    • When using Google Docs you can bold each date so it shows up in the Document Outline for easy access. From the Document Outline, you can click on a date to jump to that portion of the document.
  • As tasks are completed, mark them off. If you do something that was not on the list, go back and add it to the list, then cross it off.
    • It is beneficial to enter this in italics so that you can see how often the unexpected arises. This may also help understand why any uncompleted items were not done.
    • Note: I use live links to some of the specific items to be completed. This saves time from having to hunt for documents, websites, etc.
  • When planning the week, sit down and add items for each day.
    • I keep my list set up several weeks out, and add things such as meetings, calls, time off, and other tasks I know of in advance. This helps with planning, so I don’t overbook items, or forget about important meetings.
  • In OneNote, this can be organized within a folder, using different tabs for each week, and typing in the dates for each one.
  • Click here to access the Google Doc template I created. You can create a copy and edit it to fit your own needs.
    • Benefit of either Google Doc or OneNote: it can be pulled up from any device in any location for easy access at any time.



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